30 years in a blink

Look into the future, 30 years from now, when over half of all the coffee you drink will come from a recently deforested place. A once lush, green forest. A jungle that helped our planet breathe. Destroyed for a cup of coffee.
Together, we can change this fate, if we act now.

At Atomo™ we asked ourselves: Can coffee be sustainably grown at scale to meet the consumer demand worldwide?

The answer was quite clearly, and truthfully… No.

This truth is in our hands, on our screens every morning, and in front of our eyes. Every day a new headline. A new warning. A new fact about destruction from consumption.

The planet needs us to develop a process to maximize taste and minimize impact. There has not been a good alternative to coffee. Nothing worthy of conversion.

Until now…

At Atomo™, we have developed an entirely new approach, that delivers on our commitment to better coffee that is better for the planet. According to Carbon Cloud, a single serving of Atomo™ Molecular Cold Brew has 1.3lbs. less carbon than conventional coffee. In a short time, we will be carbon negative. We have a vision to do no harm to the planet. And today, you can choose to join us in our commitment to Earth.


Through our innovative processes, Atomo™ produces 93% less carbon emissions and uses 94% less water than conventional coffee. By not using a single coffee bean in our process, we prevent 100% of deforestation.

The World needs us



Every day we are getting closer to achieving the best tasting experience for our customer.

With our molecular cold brews, we are just beginning.

Every sip saves the planet™