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No coffee beans? So, what is Atomo Coffee made from?

Atomo™ Coffee has replaced the coffee bean with Date Pits, and unlocked their potential to deliver a delicious coffee experience with an entirely new method of production. 

What does Atomo taste like?

Each of our flavors, CLASSIC BLACK, ULTRA SMOOTH and OAT MILK LATTE have unique qualities; enhanced by their individual roast profiles and subsequent brewing techniques. Every serving delivers a premium coffee experience delivering the taste you expect from a great cup of coffee.

What are upcycled ingredients?

Upcycled ingredients are materials that would have been discarded or become waste, if they were not being used in a new process to give their existence a second life.

Is there caffeine in Atomo Coffee?

Yes. There is 84mg of caffeine in every 8oz. can of Atomo™ Molecular Cold Brew.

Is Atomo Coffee synthetic?

No, we use plant based ingredients.

Will I have acid reflux from Atomo Coffee, like I do with “regular” coffee?

We have not received any feedback or indication of acid reflux or other gastrointestinal side effects associated with traditional coffee. Our products are designed to reduce most negative reactions from coffee, to deliver the ritual and the flavors you seek; without uncomfortable side effects.

I brew my coffee at home, are you going to make grounds and beans for hot coffee?

The Innovation Team is in the final development of a hot brewed ground coffee product enabling the same exact brewing methods used for traditional coffee. Follow Atomo for regular updates on our progress.

What will happen with all the global coffee farmers if I switch to molecular coffee?

A transition of that scale is very unlikely, considering the global consumption of coffee is two billion cups a day. Our goal is not to displace global coffee farmers. We are here to present a solution for coffee lovers and their increased demand over time. Coffee consumption worldwide is growing at a rapid pace forcing coffee farmers to increase production. To increase production along with changing climate conditions is forcing them to expand their growing areas which leads to deforestation and increased water consumption. By offering an alternative planet friendly coffee solution, Atomo™ is targeting increased consumption as a means for growth. 

Your sustainability numbers are impressive, how do you calculate them so they are transparent and accurate?

Our sustainability-focused analysis comes from a third-party group called Carbon Cloud - https://carboncloud.com.

Carbon Cloud specializes in helping companies (like Oatly!) calculate the CO2 equivalent of their food and drink products from cradle to gate. We partnered with them to create a full Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of our Ultra Smooth product in accordance with ISO regulations, including having our calculations verified by a third-party. For the comparison, we created the exact same model for coffee to create the calculation that we cause 93% less GHG emissions than an RTD coffee made in the same way.