Atomo™ Coffee has replaced the green coffee bean with a different vessel, and unlocked it’s potential to deliver a delicious coffee experience with an entirely new method of production.

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Our innovation

Each of our flavors, CLASSIC and ULTRA SMOOTH have unique qualities; enhanced by their individual roast profiles and subsequent brewing techniques. Check out more details on these blends in our COFFEE section below:.

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Upcycled ingredients are materials that would have been discarded or become waste, if they were not being used in a new process to give their existence a second life.

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Our Innovation

Yes. There is 84mg of caffeine in every 8oz. can of Atomo™ Molecular Cold Brew.

Our Innovation Team does not believe that will occur if you regularly consume beverages with caffeine. However, each individual reacts differently to caffeine. We recommend drinking Atomo™ Molecular Cold Brew with an awareness towards practical moderation. However, we know you will enjoy CLASSIC or ULTRA SMOOTH and probably replace your conventional coffee habit with us.

No, we do not produce a synthetic product.

We have discovered a method that reduces most negative reactions from coffee, and delivers the ritual and the flavors you seek; without uncomfortable consequences.

Our innovation and methods for creating the product are entirely different than previous coffee ‘alternatives’. The results speak for themselves when you try it. Our coffee tastes way better.

We hope you will try it as soon as possible.

The Innovation Team is working tirelessly to deliver grounds and whole beans to the world. This development is on the horizon and moving as swiftly as possible, because we know how thirsty you are for hot coffee. Look for us to make announcements regularly.

A transition of that scale is very unlikely, considering the global consumption of coffee is two billion cups a day. Our goal is not to displace or replace global coffee farmers. We are here to reduce the impact on the planet, knowing human consumption of coffee is only going to exponentially rise in the coming decades.

Coffee farmers will continue to reach to meet this demand. Our biggest concerns rise from the lack of available agriculture land to grow coffee on this planet; and that deforestation is the primary means to deliver on the daily consumption of coffee. If you drink Atomo™ Coffee you are preventing 100% of deforestation.

Our sustainability-focused analysis comes from a third party group called Carbon Cloud - https://carboncloud.com.

Working with their team ensures our data is accurate and our desire for transparency is delivered. All of our information we produce is verified outside of our team by Carbon Cloud.

Currently, our cold brews are available to a select group of Sustainability Partnerships, but will soon be arriving into retail experiences in mid-2022. In the meantime, connect with us through our contact form and follow us on social media. We are very obsessed with sharing our product and getting information back from coffee enthusiasts who are equally interested in our mission to save the planet.

At this time, Atomo Coffee Inc. is a privately-held company financed with venture capital. All investment opportunities are presented to Andy Kleitsch, CEO/Co-Founder of Atomo™. If you have interest in participating in future capital raising rounds, send us a message on the contact form, and we will be in touch with our level of interest and our investor relations team.



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