Every day we are reinventing coffee for tomorrow in every way. We have embraced the impossible task of recreating a ritual beloved by billions, with a vast tradition that stretches from inexpensive convenience to opulent artisanship.

At Atomo™, we are making a smarter cup of coffee that is better for the planet.

our mission

At Atomo™, our mission is driven by our people. We know it takes a village. In fact, it takes a team of innovators, we have assembled from a myriad of backgrounds and bonafides. Attracting a group of coffee revolutionaries and enthusiasts from across the globe, to become our team of one. This group have all become true believers. Each one of us working side by side to create our “We”. Rising every morning to fight for the planet, fuel our tomorrow and bring to life a new coffee ritual for the world to enjoy for generations to come.


Our Core values

The growing community at Atomo™ is built on four core values:





Each team member brings their own energy and passion to these values. Everyone has a critical role to play in how we change the future. We believe in Empowering Innovation through continual learning, individually and as an organization, while honoring the broad spectrum of coffee traditions.

We believe each team member is a Steward for the Planet, leading by example in everything we do and putting the Earth above profits.

We believe in Building Community, by fostering an environment of psychological safety and always striving for a team of “We”.

The customer experience is essential to our commitment to delivering a Premium Quality product experience, with every single brew, in every single batch, every single day.


Meet our team

We are a team of scientists, operators, innovators, creatives and engineers with a single mission: save the planet by saving coffee.

Andy Kleitsch

CEO / C0-Founder

Sean Vegeler

Head of Finance

Ben Medina

Head of Creative + Brand

Liz Green

R&D Scientist

Riley Erekson

R&D Scientist

Collin Hunter

Facilities Development Director

Tori Jordan

Project Manager

Garrett King

Sustainability Partnerships Manager

Craig McHugh

Quality Assurance + Regulatory Manager

Jullyan Green

Production Technician

Aaron Hand

Production Technician

Cara Castro

Head of People + Culture

Charlie Shaw, Ph.D

Head of Innovation

Rob Yemm

Head of R&D Staff

Trevor Niekowal

R&D Scientist

Jesse Doquilo

Director of Design

John Dawson

Maintenance Manager

Brandon Bishop

Production Manager

Ariana Castro

Production Technician

Brandon Miller

Production Technician

Jade Ogoshi

Purchasing + Logistics Manager

Jack Daws

Production Technician/Roaster


We are hiring a whole new batch of team members to be a part of the Atomo™ community. We are looking for extraordinary humans with a unique blend of courageous thinking, storied experience and a willingness to explore the new frontier of coffee. Are you such a person?

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